Lessons From Laurie (The Lioness)

April 3, 2017

It’s no secret that I target MEN with my marketing

The MAIN reason for this?

I don’t have breasts

Or a v*gina

And so, I’m NOT able to relate to women as easily as I do to men

However, that’s NOT to say that my marketing DOESN’T attract the ladies

It just means that the ladies that I DO attract…

Are f*cking badasses

Behold, a message that I received last Friday, from MMIC member ‘Laurie D’:

Biggest win (of the century for me)

I just did my first ever seminar to about 15 ppl after putting it off for like a yr…

And most of them I knew, which was the most daunting for me.

(I feel more confident in front of ppl I don’t know!!)

I avoided saying ‘erm’ a million times and had pauses.

I didn’t cancel it despite wanting to.

And 2 ppl filled out applications which is a bonus.

(And I pitched 3 times, despite feeling awkward as f*ck.)

Why it’s positive: I’ve proved to myself I can do it and I’m building confidence.

Next step?


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I wouldn’t have done that if I weren’t in this group, and Saturdays mindset x has done what it said on the tin…

Thanks, Paul

Like I said…

In a world where MOST people are more scared of public speaking than they are of DYING?

Laurie is a f*cking baddass

My question to YOU, handsome:

What are YOU putting off?

And when are YOU gonna follow Laurie’s lead…

And do something about it?

Paul ‘Chick Magnet’ Mort

PS – If joining MMIC is something that you’ve been putting off?

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And if my risk free NINETY day money back guarantee ISN’T enough to convince you?

I’m sorry to say, you probably DON’T have the ‘stones’ for this business game, mon ami

(Unlike Laurie)

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