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The Law Of Attraction (Mort Edition)

July 25, 2017

If you’re on my email list, and you’re reading this email…

It’s safe to assume the following:

1.) You’re a male personal trainer

2.) You’re married with a young family

3.) You want to make more money, take more time off, and have more fun doing it

The reason I know this…

Is because this is who I’ve CHOSEN to target with my marketing

And as a result?

This is who I attract into my business

If, however, I started to talk about the struggles of being a menopausal woman…

And how it might affect your business?

Your natural reaction would be:

“What the f*ck?”


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And rightly so

The problem is, this is the EXACT reaction that most personal trainers are getting with their marketing

One minute?

They’re talking about hypertrophy for lads in their early twenties

The next?

They’re talking about fat loss for busy mums in their mid-thirties

As a result?

Each personal trainer is seen as a ‘jack of all trades’…

And master of NONE

(Even though they’re perfectly capable of working with BOTH demographics)

Luckily for you, mon ami…

This is something that I cover in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

Once inside?

I’ll show you how to:

1.) Identify a group of people that you’ll LOVE spending time with

2.) Create a marketing message that will draw these people in like a MAGNET

3.) Build a highly profitable business that your customers will ADORE and keep coming back to

If that sounds like something you could use?

Click on the link below:

And I’ll show you how it’s done

Paul ‘Magnetic’ Mort

PS – If you’re still intent on targeting everyone in your town with a wallet and a pulse?

That’s cool, bro

It is YOUR business, after all

But if you’re NOT willing for take my advice?

You’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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