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How to kill Facebook trolls

December 4, 2017

Case you hadn’t noticed..

I run a fair few paid ads over on the old Flakebook

Chances are, that’s how you ended up over here getting these emails, broheim

Anyhoo, if you’ve ever run ads on there (you should be)

You’ll be aware that there’s always one snowflake that feels the need to drop somekinda

“D*ckish” comment on there

Side note: the ones that make me laugh the most are when people say “get off my newsfeed” <– thats different level of stoopid

So on Wednesday I got ‘trolled’ on a Video ad I have running right now

“Cringe” was the comment

Funnily enough, the guy is from my town..

Maybe theres some kinda pen*s envy involved

(I doubt that, I’m hung like a hamster)

I digress

In the past, Id have probably gotten a little butt-hurt and worried

I would have probably tore him a new one, called him some names and tried to show him up

But from experience, that only winds the trolls up even more then just makes me even angrier,

AND to be frank, wasting a ton of time and energy on c*ckwombles like that, isn’t remotely useful

So my tip?

Well, what you SHOULD do is just hit ‘like’

Silence drives these f*ckers NUTS

But if you’re like me and your ego just wont let it slide

Cut their heads off with ‘kindess’


There’s NOTHING for them to argue back with.

Real Life Example:

Troll: “Cringe”

Me: “Thanks for noticing man. I’m just glad you watched it and gave me feedback. Especially at midnight on a Saturday.Appreciate it”

I mean…

Whats this guy meant to say to that?


Nuttin but the olde tumbleweed—>

and him going running back to mummy with his mushroom shaped todger between his legs

(I’ve always been a ‘fun guy’–> “cringe”)

See when you’re trying to sell your programs and services

You don’t need to be spending time on the people that are NEVER gona buy

Just on the ones that show an interest


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but even then, you gotta know WHAT to say… to make them MOTIVATED ENOUGH TO BUY from you

(theres only ever TWO reasons for that, by the way)

and it just so happens.

I DO—> and it works like GANGBUSTERS for getting new clients

wanna know how?

check this out:

Paul ‘troll killer’ Mort

PS- Again, if you DON’T want more money, more clients and more time off

Click the link below, because you’re probably an AWFUL fit for me

Good luck, though

you’ll need it


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