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April 1, 2017

That’s right, mon ami…

I’ve just created a FREE Facebook Group

Once inside?

You’ll be able to interact with a ‘vibrant’ community of like-minded fitness business ‘entrepreneurs’…

Who are JUST like you

There’ll be LOTS of motivational quotes

And even more motivational images

Because if there’s one thing that I CAN guarantee?

Pretty much ALL of the members will have LOTS of spare time on their hands

(Due to the FACT that they don’t have much ‘work’ on)

If this sounds like your sort of thing?


Enter your details below to get instant access
to this premium content:

And you’re ready to ‘manifest’ a better future…

With just the power of your mind?

(And some incredibly long, self-indulgement Facebook posts, where you blatantly try to ‘poach’ other people’s clients?)

Then I have some GOOD news, amigo

All you need to do?

Is go and join someone else’s email list


Paul ‘April Fools’ Mort

PS – If you’re tired of wasting your time in ‘mutual m*sturbation clubs’…

(AKA – FREE Facebook groups)

And you want to join a community of fitness business entrepreneurs that actually HAVE businesses?

(Instead of pretending that they do?)

Go here:

If not?

The unsubscribe link is below




(Don’t forget your Kleenex)




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