Are You Jealous Of Joe Wicks?

May 9, 2017

A few weeks ago, I wrote an email about celebrity ‘fitness expert’ Joe Wicks…

(AKA – The Body Coach)

In which I pointed out the cold hard truth:

He’s better at marketing himself than 99.9% of MOST personal trainers

(As his bank balance would indicate)

Despite this FACT?

I had a LOT of unsubscribes that day

Perhaps the most I’ve had from any one email in quite some time

Which, to me, is VERY interesting

You see, despite all of the ‘positivity’ surrounding the fitness industry…

Behind the scenes?

There’s a LOT of insecurity

Which is just ONE of the reasons why Joe Wicks gets so much hate

People are JEALOUS of his success

Plain and simple


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Don’t get me wrong, I know that a LOT of the criticism is due to the quality of his products

But most of the ‘FitPros’ that criticise him DON’T really care about that

They’re just using HIS name to promote their business

Which, if you ask me…

Is a pretty sh*tty marketing strategy

My advice?

If you think Joe Wicks is the ‘devil’…

And you think his products are ‘evil’?

Be a force for ‘good’, and do something about it

Create an information product and sell it for £150

Write a couple of recipe books

Put out LOTS of free content

It’s NOT complicated, amigo

You just have to do the work, and be BRAVE enough to put yourself out there

Surely that would be a FAR better way to promote your business…

Don’t you think?

Paul ‘Don’t Be Jelly’ Mort

PS – If this email has ‘triggered’ you…

And you don’t like facing up to reality?


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