It’s ALL Your Fault

April 12, 2017

For an industry that uses a LOT of ‘positive’ marketing…

(Believe and achieve, etc)

The fitness industry sure is FULL of ‘whiners’

Walk into any staff room, in any chain gym in the country, and all you’ll hear is COMPLAINTS

“My hours suck”

“The gym rent is too high”

“No-one wants personal training in this gym”


Maybe you’re guilty of this as well?

And if so?


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(And regardless of whether those comments are true or not?)

I can only say ONE thing…

It’s ALL your fault

If you don’t like your hours?

Or your place of work?

Do something about it

No-one is holding a gun to your head, and forcing you to work there

And no-one is coming to save you, amigo

Unless you take FULL responsibility for the situation that you’re in?

NOTHING is going to change

Maybe that’s something you should think about today

Before you open your mouth to complain about how ‘unfair’ life is…

Paul ‘Cruel To Be Kind’ Mort

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