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Is it just ‘Warrior’?

February 24, 2017

Let me put this one to bed, amigo

In 2014 I attended a week long Immersion by the name of Warrior Week with a dude called Garrett J White in Laguna Beach, California

it was an INCREDBLE experience…

from there I joined a program called “Warrior Empire” for guys that graduated warrior
week and wanted more

which was a 6 figure investment and had me re-vist Laguna Beach 4 times.

and those programs changed my life FOREVER

In fact, I’d recommend if you can afford it AND you’re accepted- you simply must go. Period.

I discovered things that set me on the path to where I am now and I’m eternally grateful

To the point where I’ve had to kill relationships with dudes that talk shit about it

The only problem?

well, because of my time there and my relationship with the guys

dudes think that’s ALL i know..

and essentially that “Mindset X #2.0” is just a watered down version of what Garrett and the guys at Warrior do

But that would be WRONG.


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Sure, I’ve taken some SMALL elements from the program and adapted them

but the rest?

A sweet recipe of all of the other studies, programs and tests I’ve personally done

Such as:

Multiple courses and retreats with the Ashaya Monks

A year inside of the world famous “Strategic Coach” program with Dan Sullivan

Byron Katies “9 day school for the work” intensive <- I’m the only person I know who’s graduated this

Discovering and attending “The Linden Method” which treats anxiety and panic attacks

Working directly with the Debbie Ford institute

and of course my 15 years of experience growing my business and 8 years experience of coaching

also, thats not mentioning the things I’ve discovered on the back of my own REAL LIFE  results and dealing with being a husband and a dad of 2 with Bipolar Disorder

so nah, it ain’t ‘just like Warrior’

but what it does have in common?


and it works like nothing you’ve ever experienced

and if it doesn’t? I’ll refund every penny you invest today

because TODAY is your last chance

Paul ‘forever grateful’ Mort

PS- This ain’t no joke… by 10pm tonight

this page :

will CLOSE

and chances are… I won’t run this event

go go go

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