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Your Invite Is Inside (IMPORTANT)

October 29, 2017

No podcasts from me this week, mon ami

What can I say…

I’ve been busy with stuff that actually gets me paid

(It’s all about priorities, my friend)

However, that’s NOT to say that I’m here empty-handed

Far from it, actually


Enter your details below to get instant access
to this premium content:

Because I’ve got a VERY special invitation for you

If you want to know more?

Click on the link below:

And all will be revealed

Paul ‘Host’ Mort

PS – If you’d rather spend this evening in front of the telly…

Watching ‘The X Factor’ or some other sh*te, instead of taking me up on my offer?

That’s cool, bro

But you and I probably AREN’T a good fit for each other

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