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May 26, 2017

It’s NO secret that I’m a BIG fan of email marketing

In fact, email marketing plays a HUGE role in both of my businesses…

And it’s ONE of the reasons why I’ve been so successful in my ‘career’

Unfortunately, MOST personal trainers don’t seem to understand how email marketing works

Sure, there are a LOT more personal trainers collecting emails than there were a few years ago…

(And I like to think that I’m partly responsible for that)

But very few actually make any money from their email lists

Which kinda defeats the point of having one

Luckily for you, mon ami…

You don’t have to make the same mistakes as your PT ‘peers’

If you join my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ today:


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I’ll show you how to build an email list the right way…

And then use that email list to make an absolute KILLING

If that sounds like something you might like?

(And let’s face it, amigo, who wouldn’t?)

Click on the link below:

And I’ll show you how it’s done

Paul ‘Insert Word Here’ Mort

PS – If you DON’T see the value in the emails that I send?

You WON’T see the value in sending them yourself

And you’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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