In Your Face, Zuckerberg!

March 23, 2017

Last Friday, I reopened my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

Since then?

I’ve had a LOT of emails from people, asking what this month’s newsletter is about

My response?

Click the link below:

And the answer will be delivered straight to your front door

However, I’m a busy man

And repeatedly answering the same question via email is NOT the best use of my time

So with that in mind?


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I thought I’d streamline this process, and just tell you what you get…


Inside this month’s MMIC newsletter, you’ll discover:

* How to use some of Facebook’s most ADVANCED advertising tools, even if you’re a self-confessed ‘techtard’ (like I am)

* The first ‘technical’ step that MOST personal trainers overlook, that will allow you to DOMINATE your local area with better quality Facebook ads than your competitors

* How to install the MEGA powerful ‘Facebook Pixel’ on your website, and the THREE main functions that you need to focus on, once it’s all set up

* The difficult choice that I had to face with THIS month’s newsletter, and how that choice will benefit YOU

* How to RETARGET people that have visited your website, even if they HAVEN’T opted in to your mailing list (this ONE tip is worth the price of the newsletter alone)

* Several advanced METHODS for creating ‘lookalike’ audiences, and how to use this feature to turn complete strangers into raving FANS

* An EASY way to use your existing email list to generate NEW leads, WITHOUT having to ask your readers for referrals

* Why you ALREADY know more about Facebook ads than you think, and how to safeguard that knowledge against any changes that ‘Zuckerberg’ makes in the future

* An example Facebook ad template that you can legally ‘swipe and steal’ and plug straight into YOUR business TODAY

* And much, much more…

If you’re interested?

Go here:

And your hard-copy MMIC newsletter will be in your hands BEFORE the end of the month

Paul ‘Techtard’ Mort

PS – If you’re NOT interested in getting better at Facebook ads…

Or marketing in general?

My ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ is definitely NOT for you

(The clue is in the name)

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