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This is What I’m Doing…

December 13, 2013

Most peeps are getting ready to wind down
right about now.

the tubby fella in the right suit is on hisway.. in case ya didn’t know.

All of your potential clients are getting
ready for a few days off.. maybe even a
couple of weeks.

This is a TREMENDOUS opportunity for you.


Because after a boxing day..
they’ll be stuffed.


and more importantly for you..


They’ll be checking personal email more.


don’t believe me?1004.i-find-your-lack-of-mail-disturbing_13B25CF5WATCH how often people check their
iphones and androids n stuff…

You’ll see.

Which means, chico its the PERFECT
opportunity for you to put out QUALITY

Video, articles, EMAIL.

NOT OFFERS…(that just makes you look


Stuff they can read.

So you can establish even more CREDIBILITY
with them.

So they can get to know, like and trust you.

Strengthening your RELATIONSHIP with them.

So that, when every fucker else is screaming
‘new year, new you’

and talking about resolutions and all that
generic bullshit.

YOU, my friend…

won’t have to.

Because you’ve been in contact when all the
other trainers in your town are ‘gearing up
for the new year push’

(^^ THAT is fucking stoopid, B.T.W^^)

are the FIRST person they think of when they
ARE ready to get in shape.

Because, you have TOP OF MIND AWARENESS.

No special offers, no discounts, no offers.

No looking desperate…

No neediness.

Just people seeking you out.

Because you’re the guy or gal that’s been
giving them info-taining, fun CONTENT over
the holidays.

Reminding them you know what you’re talking
about and that you’re there for them when
they’re ready.

seriously dood…

Set up a few emails to go out on auto pilot.

Stay in touch when NO-ONE else is.

Then you get to avoid shouting ‘Desperate for
clients’ in January like everyone else will

Paul ‘Will be emailing you’ Mort

PS- I saw someone make the BIGGEST error you
could EVER make with email yesterday…

I’ll tell ya’ll about it on Monday.

PPS- You might now know this but I have a BAD-ASS
resource for bootcamp and group training programs using only bodyweight.

Theres some super unique workouts in there..

Check dis out-

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