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I’m sorry about this (deadline)

January 27, 2017

If you’ve been waiting…

hanging about

or ‘sitting on the fence’

about my exclusive 1 day seminar “Mindset X #2.0”

where you’re going to discover my personal blueprint for a bulletproof mindset

then I’m going to have to apologise

Because I’m creating a deadline…a STRICT DEADLINE

that if you miss… well.. tough shit


Enter your details below to get instant access
to this premium content:

as of Friday the 24th of February

registration for the event will CLOSE

(thats IF and only if… it hasn’t sold out by then)

if you want to ‘chance it’ then keep on waiting for the right moment

but DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT come a-whining to me about running it again or recording it

cuz chances are- NEITHER of those are going to happen

actually, the recording DEFINITELY isn’t happening

So listen, if you want to FINALLY master your own mind

and discover:

* The most powerful tips, tricks and techniques I’ve learned this year from my private coaches Garrett J White, Byron Katie, AJ Roberts and the Ashaya Monks (to name but a few AND at a fraction of the £100,000 I invested to work with these people)

* How to unleash CRYSTAL CLARITY so that you never get ‘overwhelmed’ again

* The TRUTH about remaining calm in the presence of CHAOS, Stress and axiety

* The Paul Mort guide to Unleashing Unshakeable Motivation that NEVER runs out (even when you get triggered be people)

*The #1 hack I PERSONALLY use that crushes ALL of my fears and doubts about rejection, failure and criticism. in just 10 minutes

* My 4 step guide to NEVER procrastinating again (Imagine how different your life would !be if you nailed that?)

* How to NEVER get pissed off, angry and frustrated so that you don’t waste energy on pointless shit

and MUCH, MUCH more…

Then its time to STOP waiting and step up

go here before I pull it:


Paul ‘soz’ Mort

PS- This aint no ‘scarcity’ tactic

if you’ve been here a while…

you’ll know that I DO WHAT I SAID I WOULD…

and that—>

“Doing what you said you would do”

is CRITICAL to your success

but for whatever reason… most people quite simply cannot do it

luckily for you, brethren…

I have the ‘trick’ to unleashing this quality

all will be revealed in March

you ready?


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