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I’m Here To Wind You Up

December 6, 2017

December is a weird month, isn’t it?

At least in the fitness industry

For a month that’s supposed to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’…

It sure DOESN’T feel that way

Not when you ask the ‘average’ personal trainer how their business is going


^^^ They’ll tell you

And to be honest, when you look at how the average personal trainer runs their ‘business’?

I’m not f*cking surprised

Most of them haven’t got a clue how to protect their income over the Christmas period

Which is why December is such a MISERABLE month for so many of them

However, the BIGGEST mistake that personal trainers make during this time…

Is that they copy their clients, and ‘wind things down’ until January




You see, amigo…


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People are PRIMED to buy at this time of year

Which is why YOU should be out there selling to prospective clients NOW

Sure, they might not want to start training with you until January

But that DOESN’T mean that they can’t pay you now

In fact, this is EXACTLY what the members of my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ are doing, right now

They’re protecting their income, by having SYSTEMS in place

If you want to join them and do the same thing for your business?

Click on the link below:


And I’ll tell you more

Paul ‘Wind Up Merchant’ Mort

PS – If you’re NOT gonna take action on this…

And you’d rather just p*ss and moan about your situation, instead?

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