I’m having a fight today(shitting myself)…. - The Paul Mort Podcast

I’m having a fight today(shitting myself)….

March 29, 2016

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Right now I’m in Laguna Beach, California for “Warrior Empire” Event

a behind-closed-doors get together for graduates of warrior week with my coach Garrett J White

Anyhoo, the first thing your Uncle Mort Doggy
Dogg has to do today…

is have a FIGHT

yup, a damned FIGHT,

gloves, gum shields…. the lot

with a man (just in case you thought it may
have been with a mythical creature, a centaur
or something)

No weight class..no referee

It’s part of the course.

A bonding process (bit different to the old
‘fall backwards and let them catch you’
routine eh?)

gotta tell you, chico

The first time I came here, I was shitting my pants


Fact, I almost DIDN’T GO.

Wuz ready to give up the big bacon I invested
in the course

———– rraaarrrrgh———-

Then I had one of those ‘epiphanies’

Where the lightbulb goes off.

Turns out I was NOT SCARED of fighting.


Reminds me of those PT’s and Fitness Pro’s
that tell me they “hate selling” that “daily
email is too much”,

“I don’t like all that marketing”

But, amigo

What they’re REALLY afraid of is REJECTION.

It’s human nature..

I’ll ask you to consider though that

letting this fear of rejection paralzye you
is doing

YOU a dis-service

It’s doing your prospective clients a disservice

and its doing YOUR FAMILY a disservice

It’s no wonder your competitor is making
more money than you…

Insanity right?

Strt fixing that shit TODAY

with my ‘write words, get paid’ email marketing course



PS- Case you missed it…

Here’s episode #11 of my online TV show..


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