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If I WAS to ‘bat for the other team’

January 24, 2017

I admit it, my friend

I have a ‘Man- crush’

In fact I have a few, some you may have heard of..

the rest you can google

Tom Hardy
Travis Fimmel
Andrea Pirlo
Justin Timberlake
Roy Keane
Ryan Reynolds
Justin Bieber (yep)
Denzel Washington

and last week i made a new addition to this list


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Ryan Gosling

Yup, the dude who’s been in more romantic films than I’ve had hot dinners

and his latest one

“la la land” is another (I LOVED it btw)

he aint just a handsome bstard though…

dude can sing, act and cut the rug too

but in this movie he said something VERY simple, that you’ll have heard before

and something that you might have even said. A LOT..

and when I heard, I knew I had to write an email about it

see, he gives up his dream of owning his own jazz club

and takes a job that he HATES and that means he hardly spends any time with his

after a big argument she ends up calling him out on his bullshit

To which he replies with the immortal words:


^^ man, that sounds familiar for us dudes eh?

Usually a justification for OUR bullshit too

an ‘out’ for the fact we didn’t have the balls to stand up for ourselves in the first place

so we shift the blame..

listen, the ONLY way to find out what your woman (or man) wants


thing is, most of us are a little afraid of the consequences

so we ‘guess’.. we ‘assume’

and next thing you know?


and this, handsome.. is EXACTLY the kind of thing we’ll cover in my 1 day seminar

“Mindset X 2.0”

Click here to check it out:


but if you have your shit together already

You needn’t bother

Paul ‘bromantic’ Mort

PS- Who’s your man crush?

don’t tell me you don’t have one..

hey and i have no problem if its ME

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