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I Smell BS

July 20, 2017




There’s a LOT of this bullsh*t doing the rounds in the fitness industry, right now

Most of it coming from self proclaimed ‘gooroos’…

Who, almost universally:

1.) Are single

2.) Don’t have families to support

3.) Lack the ‘freedom’ to visit the beach WITHOUT their laptop


I’m not here to talk sh*t about other people

I’m simply here to tell you this rather ‘uncomfortable’ fact:

If you want an ‘abundance’ of money and freedom in your life?

You have to be prepared to work for it

I’m NOT saying that you have to pull sixteen hour days, seven days a week, for the next year

But, if you want to run a successful business?

You need to spend some time building the FOUNDATIONS

Luckily for you, mon ami…


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1.) Create a business that gives you as much FAMILY time as you need

2.) Make more money than you ever thought possible, so that your FAMILY never has to go without

3.) Have the freedom to take as many FAMILY holidays as you want, without ever having to take your laptop to the beach

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Paul ‘Family Guy’ Mort

PS – If you like the idea of taking your laptop to the beach in the daytime…

And then cleaning suntan lotion and sand from your keyboard in the evenings?

(Whilst ignoring your wife and kids)

You’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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