I See You

March 7, 2017

As a fitness business owner…

You need to become obsessed

Not with reps, sets, and rest periods

(That’s what you LOVE and that’s what got you into this industry in the first place)

But with your ‘avatar’

If you’re not sure what I mean by this?

You can relax, mon ami

I’m NOT talking about the big blue creatures from the James Cameron movie

In marketing, the word ‘avatar’ is used to describe your perfect client

As in, the type of client that you would LOVE to work with

So much so, that if you DIDN’T need the money?

You would happily train them for FREE

Unfortunately, MOST personal trainers don’t target their ‘avatars’


They try to target EVERYONE in their town




Which means that they NEVER know who they’re actually talking to with their marketing

And as a result?

Neither does the general public

The END result in all of this?

Potential clients don’t think that you can help them

And YOU end up with an empty schedule

(With a bank balance to match)

The good news?


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There’s a SIMPLE fix:

Get clear on WHO you want to work with

And make that clear in ALL of your marketing

If you can do that?

You’ll have no trouble generating leads

Assuming that your target audience know that you exist, of course

But then…

That’s a conversation for another time

Paul ‘Blue Movie’ Mort

PS – If you’d like to learn more about marketing your business?

My ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ will be opening up again this month

And I can tell you right now, chachi…

It’s NOT gonna be for cheapskates

(I’ll send you more details soon)

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