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I quit

March 31, 2016

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Almost didn’t send you this today…

Would have been way easier to hide, lie about it or pretend it didn’t happen
​​​​​​​(have a feeling most people would)

So yesterday I did something that I’ve been know to do before

and something that winners never do (apparently)

I QUIT. I gave up. I turned my back on myself

Like some kind of weak-ass loser 

I was in the middle of a “SEALFIT” workout here in Laguna Beach as part of the event I was at

and after just 15 minutes… I threw the towel in

Now, I could tell you all sorts of stories and excuses about the hard workout and stong-man comp in the morning

or the fact that the knee I had surgery on was on fire..

But the crux of it?

Jumping into an bath full of freezing cold water filled with Ice in the middle of a tough workout was okay

I can handle that

But then doing it submerged and breathing through a bottle was just too much for me

I panicked

Again, no excuses at all..I quite simply gave up and walked away

But now I have a CHOICE

and I want you to write this down amigo

Because I’m sure you’ve quit at something before

You’ve given up and thew the towel in

You’ve stopped doing something that you said you would do


So this choice we have now, AFTER we’ve given up

We can label ourselves a loser, a quitter and a big ass pussy

and continue to play the victim in it all

Beating ourselves up, allowing it to drain us of our confidence and certainty

We can let it define us and who we are going forward

Or we can LEARN from it, GROW from it

and realise that we HAD a choice… in that moment

and we can label it ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, ‘pathetic’ and ‘sad’

Or we can LEARN from it and GROW from it

The lesson I’m taking from it?

I DID actually quit, I DID give up

Sure, I kinda regret it…kinda..

but I REFUSE to let it make me GIVE up on MYSELF and let it define who the fuck I am

We ALWAYS have a choice

in this particular case I CHOSE to not participate anymore

and now I’m CHOOSING to share it with you

Because I aint perfect.. I don’t claim to be

Hopefully this’ll help you in some way…

speaking of which (I know, i just can’t help myself)

That’s one of the coolest things about my training course

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I’ll show you how to turn ANY situation or event into an email that has people LOVING your work and really keen to sign up with you

EVEN if you’re a quitter, like me (meh)

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Paul ‘not perfect’ Mort

PS- The fight DIDN’T happen either

Not sure if there was just no boxing went down…

OR wether I just missed it because of my quitting

White collar it is then

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