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I lost my fight

December 21, 2017

Yep, as much as it hurts me to say it

I LOST my fight on Friday

After starting very scrappily I started to load up on my shots and not use my boxing skills

then in the second round I got caught off-balance stepping around to throw a body shot

and got put on my ass for the first time

cue the standing 8 count

3rd round I knew I had to stop him and proceeded to boss it

if it had went on another minute, I think I could have got the stoppage

but hey, I didn’t and the lad beat me

and I’ve kinda felt sorry for myself since

mainly cuz I’m just TIRED

But you know what?

I’m also VERY proud of myself.

I fought a BOXING COACH who’s way more experienced than me

and I pushed him HARD

(he collapsed knacked after the right, where i was still fresh)

he also told me he thought it would be easy

so yer…

I did alright

and at the end of the day though


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Paul ‘down but not out’ Mort

PS- This time of year is ALWAYS pretty ‘testing’ for a lot of people

starts off fairly fun with the kids ..

then the ‘other’ people come…

maybe they’ll trigger you and p*ss you off

then you feel like sh*t from all the booze and junk food

and then its over

SH*T^^ I make it sound awful..

sorry about that

speak tomorrow

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