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February 23, 2015

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8 weeks ago I set the goal of playing footbal
(soccer for my American buddies)
I hadn’t played in 4 or 5 years…
So clearly I had to put some training in to
get in condition to do this…
Thing is… I kinda-wudda-coulda-shudda 
did said training
So that Friday just gone,
I could be  ready to pla.
New boots, new lycra (it was cold, honest)
and today, I literally CANNOT walk
See I spent most of the game really struggling
my fitness was ‘average’ to say the least
So here’s what I realised
and how it relates to YOUR BIZNIZ
When it comes down to it
when push comes to shove
and the shit hits the fan
(Write down this bit)—>
“You’ve either DONE the WORK or you HAVENT
I could argue with myself all I wanted to…
But, on that pitch no-one give a shit about
my reasons
No-one gave a damn about my stories
My BODY (particularly my hamstrings it semms)
Doesn’t give a shit about my excuses
and my result was a tight, un-conditioned
body that had zero agility or flexibilty
In bizniz?
and your LIFESTYLE
You can argue with me and yourself all you like…
Your reasons don’t matter
Your opinions don’t matter
Your STORIES don’t matter
Your excuses don’t matter
Your £, $  or €  DO NOT LIE
REALITY does not lie. EVER
Again, you’ve either DONE THE WORK
or you HAVEN’T done the work
That’s all I got, compadre
If you’re ready to LOSE the reasons
and start to CHANGE your reality
and LEVEL UP your business and LIFE
Here’s my recommendation:
Paul ‘Like a newborn giraffe’ Mort
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