“I don’t want to go to school EVER again” - The Paul Mort Podcast

“I don’t want to go to school EVER again”

September 25, 2015

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Thats what I heard from my 4 year old son, Max on Monday morning…

“I don’t want to go to school EVER again”

Little dudes just started in ‘reception’ here..

Gone from playing dinosaurs, wrestling with me and an afternoon nap


Man, he really doesn’t like it

Kinda worrying for a 4 year old, but he clearly gets it from me—> Your Uncle Morty wasn’t a big fan of school either (those school dinners… blleeeugh)

It’s a ‘necessary evil’ though right, chachi?

I had to pretty much ‘SELL’ the whole schoolthing to him

(the specific benefits, obviously- I know what I’m doing man)

“You’ll get to play with your friends ALL DAY”

“Remember how much you love that chocolate cake at lunch time?”

and the classic BRIBE

“if you’re a good lad, daddy will pick you up and we’ll go get a new game for your playstation”

SHAMELESS, I tell thee

But the whole situation of “I HATE school”

reminds me of fitpros and the whole

“I HATE marketing” thing that the real mush cookie PT’s spout off…

You know, the ones that NEED MARKETING THE MOST

that shit used to drive me nuts, now I feel kinda sorry for em

they’e pretty much KILLING their chances of success

Look, comrade….

its as simple as this….

You don’t HAVE to learn about marketing and selling

But if you DON’T

* you’re leaving yourself WIDE OPEN for your competition to kick your ass

* and your woman SICK of you ignoring her and sitting on Flakebook all night, every night, trying to ‘engage’ people in the hope that one of those people ‘might’ sign up with you…

* and of course not forgetting you shitting your pants and panicking every time a client leaves or goes on holiday because you have no system for replacing them


That’s how I know it hurts

that shit is a constant STRUGGLE

and its fucking exhausting

I’m here if you’re sick and tired of that constant, never ending hustle

Here’s how to get started:


Paul ‘Tapioca pudding’ Mort

PS- Nothing to see here today…

but thanks for checking

oh- its my birthday on SUNDAY…

Feel free to send me gifts…

Amazon vouchers will do 😉

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