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How to take REJECTION

January 25, 2017

Here’s a knowledge bombadero for you, amigo

Putting things off
Not doing what you said you would do
Avoiding things, people and conversationBoil down to pretty much ONE thingFEAR OF REJECTION

and man, I understand

NO-ONE likes to be feel rejected

I still remember the first time a girl rejected my advances

and the first time I was rejected by other dudes at school

That shit hurts…

and the thought of it?


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that can hurt even more

for some, it can be terrifying

so much so… it can literally CRIPPLE you

and stop your from building the business you want
making the money you want
having the relationship you want

thing is rejection HAS to exist

and it exists for this reason that makes A LOT of sense

“Rejection exists for a reason — it’s a means to keep people apart who are not good for each other.”
-Mark Manson

Pretty sweet eh? ^^

and its why I won’t be upset with you if you choose NOT to

come and learn my Upgraded Mindset Hacks for

* more clients and more money
* Less stress, chaos and frustrations
* Unlocking Powerful CLARITY
* Crushing your doubts and fears

and a shit ton more

at my 1 day seminar “Mindset X #2.0”

Because if you don’t think it’ll EXPLODE your life

then my friend.. we are simply not good for each other

however, if the above sounds like something you NEED

Then i’ll see you next in March. wont I?

grab your seat now:

Paul ‘reject’ Mort

PS- Honestly dude..

if you’re NOT living the life you want right now

its either

A- A SKILLSET problem

or (and more likely)

B- A MINDSET problem

good news.. is..

I can fix the second one.. FAST

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