PMP#42 The BIGGEST LIE you’re telling yourself right now that’s CRIPPLING your income

January 30, 2015

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Let’s cut to the chase, young jeezy

The 2nd episode of the “New and Improved”

Paul Mort Podcast is now live for your listening pleasure”
* The critical website secret most PT’s and nutritionists miss (thats costing them serious money)
* Why setting goals in JUST bizniz is screwing up other areas of your life
* How to get what you want… and why it has NOTHING to do with “what you do”
* Why “liking and sharing” is POINTLESS and has ZERO return on investment
* Why you keep doing the same thing over and over again, yet not learning your lesson
*The CRUCIAL difference between those that achieve and those that dont
*How to get “hated on” in the fitness industry and why its GOOD
*The ONE thing you must master if you want to have a successful fitness business
* The BIGGEST LIE you’re telling yourself right now that’s CRIPPLING your income
*Why trainers who AREN’T as good as you are making more money and helping more people
*The ONLY two things that equal FREEDOM
*How to write emails that GET YOU PAID
*Why “tips” SUCK and will NEVER help you get more clients
* The critical mistake you’re making that makes people compare you to Juice Plus
*Why I talk about Bipolar and how it effects my income and marketing
* How to profit from getting STEAMING drunk (yes really) and sooooooo much more it may make you head explode

as well as you’re penis…

Key Takeaways:
2:30 – Is Robin more badass than Batman?
3:15 – Take a look at Paul’s new redesigned website and model after it.
5:40 – Paul breaks down what body, mindset, and balance all mean and why you should have goals for them.
9:25 – It’s not about what you do, it’s about the person you have to become in order to achieve the goal you need.
12:25 – Your business can’t expand or make more money if you haven’t mastered marketing, seduction, and sales.
15:20 – Paul and Chris get into questions.
17:40 – In the fitness industry there is no shortage of information and your clients have all heard it before. So, what do you do?
21:00 – Learn how to tell a fantastic story so that people can relate to you and your message. No one cases about great advice or tips, they care about great stories.
25:00 – Paul shares how he tells stories to his audience.
28:20 – Try and create an avatar of your target audience and predict what some of their interests might be.
31:15 – Paul shares one more tip on how to create good emails for your following.
32:15 – You can’t be exclusive unless you exclude people.


Body, mindset and relationships with your wife and kids are way more important than your business.

There are only two things that equal freedom, time and money.

The most powerful leaders in the world have been the greatest story tellers, not the greatest advice givers.


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