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How to profit FROM your competitors

November 7, 2017

The fitness industry, no matter where you are is awash with competition

Seems like every man and his handbag dog are trying to cash in on the obesity academic right now…

Including those clueless MLM nuggets…

Alas, squire…

Tiz a question I get asked A LOT

And one I’ve answered before in numerous emails

But ya know, chachi

Aside from all the tactics, tips and ‘hacks’

There’s one lesson that beats them all

See, your competitors are lazy

They’re ALL searching for the ‘magic pill’

for their bizniz…

The ‘magic bullet’

The ‘one thing’ that will make them ‘viral’

so they spend most of their time begging for likes and shares

trying to impress

doing anything possible to be ‘famous’

jumping from mentor to mentor like a hooker at a p*nis party

So lemme tell you the ONE thing you can do to beat them

I’ll warn you now though, my furry friend

It ain’t sexy

it ain’t shiny

But it’s one of the thing thats stood the test of time

and another reason the mush cookie ‘fitness business experts’ can’t live with your Uncle Morty

A LIFE lesson as well as a bizniz lesson

(please tell me if I’m starting to sound like one of ‘them’)


Probably the most SIMPLE way to DESTROY your competitors and start to DOMINATE your niche…

* CONSISTENTLY doing the seemingly simple, often mundane things your competitors WONT*

thats it…

Note: not cant… but WONT..

Like daily email for example

Like RELENTLESS follow up


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Paul ‘Lazy killer’ Mort

PS- Seriously dood, the message here is probably THE most important email I’ve written…

No sh*t

Daily email falls directly into the category of

“EVERYONE should do, and CAN do.. yet most don’t”

and their bank balance stays distinctly

well, ‘sh*t’ as a result…

Start changing that now:

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