How to deal with haters criticism and self doubt - The Paul Mort Podcast

How to deal with haters criticism and self doubt

February 22, 2015

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Lets get to it, hotlips…
There’s a bunch of footie on TV today
I was sick most of last week so didn’t record
my own Podcast
BUT I was lucky enough (if there’s such a
to be asked to be a guest on “Elite Muscle
Radio” on Friday
In it myself and Big Phil Graham cover
* How I went from leaving school with NOTHING
to show for it to building multiple 6 figure
* What happend when I moved to Marbella..
(its not what you think)
* Why MMIC is getting a SICK reputation in
the fitness industry worldwide
* The BENEFITS of having bi-polar (yup,
* Why “manning the fuck up” ISN’T the answer
to success…
* The ONLY 3 things you need to worry about
when it comes to BLOWING UP in the fitness
* My PERSONAL strategy for dealing with haters
and criticism
* What does the “30 year fitness treadmill”
have to do with you?
* Why I would NEVER charge by the hour and
why… (its a bit naughty, this one)
* Do people NEED or event WANT training
* What your business LIVES and DIES by…
* The hardcore TRUTH about why people don’t
do what they say they will
* Why the fitness industry is FAILING,
Dramatically (and what you can do to SUCCEED)
* The ONLY thing you need to do to CRUSH the
herbal life and juice plus reps who you’re
being PIGEONHOLED with
* How to STOP WORRYING about what people will
thing (my #1 tool)
* The BIG MISTAKE I made, when talking about
“Weight Watchers”
* What taking your shirt off in public has to
do with making money
* How to know when to take the “Leap of
Faith” (DEFINITELY not what you expect
* and a SHIT TON more…
Here’s the link to Phils show:
Paul ‘On the Mend’ Mort
PS- You may have noticed Facebook are now
CLOSING DOWN a ton of peoples ad accounts
and rejecting ads left right and centre…
I’ll let you know the deal with that later in
the week

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