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How To Be The Best In Town

July 24, 2017

In every town, up and down the UK…

One personal trainer is universally recognised as ‘the best in town’

Hopefully, that’s YOU

But if not?

That’s something that can EASILY be fixed

(And without having to ‘collect’ any more qualifications)

All you need to do, is target a different audience to your more established competitor

You see, amigo…

If you’re BOTH competing for the attention of everyone with a wallet and a pulse?

There can only be ONE winner

And if someone else in your town is more established than you are?

You could be fighting a losing battle

(Especially if they understand marketing better than you do)

However, if you were to ‘specialise’ and become the ONLY personal trainer in town to target a particular audience?

You would immediately become the ONLY choice for this demographic…

And you would essentially remove ALL of your competition

(No matter how established they are)


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And it will make EVERYTHING a hell of a lot easier for you

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Paul ‘Best In Town’ Mort

PS – The ONLY reason personal trainers choose NOT to specialise…

Is because they’re scared to alienate potential clients

(Which means they’re scared to alienate potential income)

And I get it, amigo, I really do

But if you try to attract EVERYONE?

You’ll end up attracting NO-ONE

I’ll tell you ‘why’, tomorrow

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