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How often should you email?

February 24, 2015

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I get asked this question a lot
at events, on webinars, on the book of a
thousand faces
and via email…
My answer is simple,chico
its actually a question
“How often do you want to get paid?”
See, although you prolly WON’T get paid every
time you send an email…
you have more chance of getting a new sign up
than if you DON’T email…
See, its like taking out an ad in a paper
If its the same price to advertise for 7 days
a week… as it is to advertise for 1, 2 or
Why the hell wouldn’t you?
Lets get this straight:
Every time you send an email (if its good) you build more
You gain more credibility
You improve the ‘relationship’ with the
person reading it…
So the more often you email- the faster
and the BETTER the relationship grows
to the point of
“This guy is fun, he knows what he’s talking
about AND I TRUST him enough to give him some
So yer…
you can stick to the “Weekly snooze-letteR”
you can stick to emailing 2-3 x a week
But don’t expect the results to be
ANYTHING like emailing daily…
**it’s like sticking to your nutrition plan for
1-3 days a week then binging the rest of the
Being consistent with it 7 days a week**
One will get you in shape…
the other, well…
you might drop a few lbs
but you’ll look like a sack of shit…
And personally, I prefer looking jacked
and making bacon
Ready to up your game?
Allow me to show you how, squire:
Paul ‘Snooze-letter’ Mort
PS- Stay tuned for tomorrows email
I’ll be showing you how to
NEVER run out of ideas for daily email…

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