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How Much Should I Charge?

January 30, 2018

One question that I often get asked by personal trainers, is…

“How much should I charge for my personal training sessions?”

My answer?

“How much do YOU want to charge?”

It really is THAT simple, chico

Some personal trainers charge £10 per session

And some personal trainers charge £1000 per session

Is there a skill difference between these two price points?


But a LOT of it simply comes down to ‘positioning’

Which means, how YOU position yourself in the market

For example:

What type of service do YOU offer your clients?

What makes that service UNIQUE?

Can you GUARANTEE that your clients will get results?



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ALL of these things will factor into your price…

Which is why I personally DON’T like telling people how much they should charge

However, there IS an exception to that rule

In my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’?

I give ALL of my members an EXACT business model to follow

That includes:



Even timeslots

Which is why so many of them are KILLING it, right now

Unfortunately, MMIC is closed at the moment…

But if you’d like to learn more about the business model I mentioned above?

I’ll be hosting a FREE webinar in a few weeks:

And I’ll tell you more, then

Paul ‘Magic Number’ Mort

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