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Hope you’re okay…

February 26, 2014

Are you ok?

Noticed a lot of my comrades are struggling
right now…

Serious shit.

Down in ye old dumps.

Head not in the right place.

Struggling to stay on top of work and stay

Feeling kinda overwhelmed.

If thats you too, hombre.

I hear ya. I get those dark thoughts top.

The self doubt.

Your confidence disappearing.

You might even consider giving it up for an
easier life

God knows, clocking in and clocking out at
the same time every day.

5pm and able to just switch of and enjoy time
with family and friends.

Relaxing weekends not thinking about where
the next client is coming from or what you’re
going to write about next

No more getting annoyed at clients whining
about not seeing results

I get this too, my friend.

But let me tell you something.

From the bottom of my heart:

It gets better. Just hold on tight.

You DO NOT need to “Man the Fuck Up”

Take some time out.
Realize that dowtime is productive time.

and that you’ll come back stronger, more creative.

More powerful.

and it may not feel likt bow, but you
could even come back fucking unstoppable.

Just dig in. Cry that shit out.

Coz its okay, not to be okay.

It’s okay to have a breakdown.

Just don’t unpack and stay there.

Accept that its a lull.

A sign you need to relax and recuperate.

You don’t need to keep sprinting.
Trying to win a race that you can’t win.

and you know what, squire?

After this little breakdown…

Will come a fucking huge BREAKTHROUGH.

So ride it out, cry it out.

And in a couple days…

You’ll be refocused on where you’re

Paul ‘we’re all in this together’ Mort

PS- I put up a BAD-ASS podcast on dealing
with “HEADTRASH” today..

With an expert on this stuff.

We talk about negative thoughts.

Self doubt, limiting beliefs and more

It’ll help for sure:




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