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Holiday Lessons From ‘Simon The Ogre’

November 28, 2016

Do you remember that old TV ad from Thomson Holidays?

The one that featured ‘Simon The Ogre’?

If not?

Allow me to enlighten you:

Simon was a busy dad with a young family.

He worked hard.

He worked late.

And as a result?


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He was ALWAYS tired and stressed.

Life took such a toll on him…

That he physically transformed.

Into an ‘ogre’.

(With full make-up and everything.)

Then, one day, Simon went away on a Thomson Holiday.

And slowly before our eyes, he transformed back into his old self.

At the time?

I thought this was a fantastic advert.

And I was reminded of it last week.

When I was away in Lanzarote with my family.

You see, not so long ago…

I was just like ‘Simon’.

I worked hard.

I worked late.

I was ALWAYS tired and stressed.

And I used family holidays to ‘decompress’.

Which meant that the first few days were ALWAYS a write-off.

(Because I needed time to ‘rest and recover’.)

These days, however?

Things are a LOT different.

Now, when I go away with my wife and kids?

They get the time and attention that they DESERVE from me.

Which was something that I physically couldn’t manage back in the day.

The difference between then and now?

It’s simple.

I protect my personal energy.

And I do it EVERY single day.

It’s also something that I teach to the men that step into ‘Uncaged’.

And judging from the feedback?

It’s changing their lives as well.

(And the lives of their families.)

If you’d like to learn more?

Watch this:

And I might just show you how it’s done.

Paul ‘The Ex Ogre’ Mort

PS – If you’d rather pretend that you ‘thrive’ on stress…

And boast about the number of hours that you work each day?

(Whilst failing to mention the number of hours that you don’t spend with your family?)

You’d be a terrible fit for ‘Uncaged’.

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