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He’s talking A LOT of smack about me

July 29, 2016

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So tonights the night…
Even though I’ve had gastroenteritis and not done ANYTHING since last friday

I AM going to fight tonight

and while I haven’t been in any of the gym’s I’ve been sparring at

the guy I’m fighting has been talking A LOT of smack about me

Talking about what he’s going to do to me

“I’ll knock him out”

“He’ll be leaving on a stretcher”

“I’m going to HURT him”

and all of that other bullshit smack talk

Thing is, in the fitness industry- It’s common for competitors to talk shit about you

ESPECIALLY when you start to become succesfull

here’s why they do that…

1 reason and 1 reason only….


They’re scared

and they talk smack to make themselves feel better about that fear

thing is, there’s only one person that looks like a duck-egg


EVEN when other people jump in on the smack talk train and ‘gang up’ on people like some kinda

^^ those people are often scarcity minded shit-sticks too

Just check out any feed PERSONALLY taking digs at people

FULL of ALL of the SAME shit-sticks

So what am I doing about this guy who’s making all sorts of threats?


pure silence

I prefer to let my actions do my talking

you know where silence is also golden? (this will shock you)

WHEN YOU’RE SELLING any kind of Personal Training or fitness program

Thats the biggest mistake people make when selling:


and THAT my friend is why you LOSE most sales

Wanna become a super start CLOSER and close almost every lead you speak to?

Ask the “15 minute question” (revealed in this months MMIC newsletter)

and then just shut up

it really is that simple

just so happens its also a bad-ass coaching question too

jump in now and I’ll send that newsletter right away:

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Paul ‘its go time’ Mort

PS- Here’s what MMIC member John Hill said:

“Holy shit-balls

The fifteen minute question is the absolute bollocks!

Everyone that I have used it on actually said “that’s a good question”

I couldn’t shut one of the prospects up 🙂 ”

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