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All Hail “BrewDog”

April 30, 2014

Only saw this one this morning but my happy
bone twitched so much when I saw it

That I just HAD to write you about it.

This is straight from the MMIC ‘school of
marketing’ (which doesn’t really exist, it
just sounds cool)

So this bad-ass beer and ale brewery have had
a ‘slap accross the hand’ from the

powers-that-be about their marketing of new
ale “Dead Pony Club”

Their witty response to the ‘independant
companies panel’ (which is made up of the
HUGE players in the industry, funnily enough)

Was WAAAAY too good not to tell you about it.

I’ll give you the link to the article later.

But Uncle Morty’s favourite part was this:

“On behalf of BrewDog PLC and its 14,691
individual shareholders, I would like to
issue a formal apology to the Portman Group
for not giving a shit about today’s ruling.
Indeed, we are sorry for never giving a shit
about anything the Portman Group has to say,
and treating all of its statements with
callous indifference and nonchalance.”

Truly.Fucking.Brilliant ^^

I mean, that shit is right up my street.

Ball tingling marketing of the highest

it reminds of the fitness industry you know,

Everyone trying to fit in.

More concerned with impressing other PT’s and
Goorooz than they are with getting more

Being politcally correct.

Scared to say anything different

all that ‘happy-clappy’ bullshit.

Everyone saying the same old, boring,
‘Professional’ crap.

Telling everyone what they want to hear.

“You can achieve anything”<—-  I’m hung like a hamster I cant exactly be a
porn star. Can I?

Listen up amigo, if there’s one thing i know.

It’s marketing. It’s how to stand out.

It’s how to create a tribe of raving fans.

and if you’re constantly saying and doing he
same vanilla shit as everyone else.



Break the rules my mate. Be yourself.

Speak your mind.


FUCK ‘professional’

Man I’ve lost count of the number of times
some ‘marketing expert’ (who coincidently don’t make any bacon)
has told me I shouldn’t swear cuz its bad for business

Shit- I better put all the profits I’m making
in my bizniz right now

in the fucking swear jar then.

Just check out the sales page and wording for MMIC
(sign up if you want, too)

Full of swearing, edgy and in the words of my mentor

“Ballsy and awesome”

Yet, we’re at almost 200 members now.

‘They’ can put that in their pipes…

(Which are probably organic and shit)

Paul ‘Bowing down to the Brewdog’ Mort

PS- had a ton of people wondering about it.

YES— –MMIC IS open again.

Sign up here…

But please, no pussies who are happy being
another ‘vanilla personal trainer’

here’s how you get on board and start putting
bacon in your sammich:

PPS- Here’s the link to the ‘BrewDog’ Article too:

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