Grouchy Uncle Mortys Guide to Christmas for Biz Owners - The Paul Mort Podcast

Grouchy Uncle Mortys Guide to Christmas for Biz Owners

December 24, 2015

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I love me some Festive Frolicks (honest)

But man..

it can be a little stressful, right?

I swear that ‘everyone elses’ Christmas must be different to that of us Biz owners

Its easy for us to go into meltdown mode

After all, we never really ‘switch off’

all the small talk with people we haven’t seen since last year

who we have to pretend we like and who pretend they’re interested in what we’re up to

how much people get on your tits when they’re drunk 

there’s always the sneaky comments about our businesses and our ambitions

and don’t forget the classic

“Should you be eating that, Mr Fitness?”

FUCK OFF^^ hahaha

I mean all of that might just be me.. 
(PLEASE tell me you experience this too and I’m not just a modern day Scrooge?)

Then before we know it…

its over.. we’re bloated as fuck.. tired


We go into January almost DESPERATE for business

shouting at the top of our voices

trying to ‘outshout’ every fucker else, who seems to be saying the EXACT SAME THING as us

Shit… i don’t miss that at all, chachi

See, that was the old me

The dude that didn’t have the tools he does now..

That thought that “Facebook Hustle”

and the olde ‘like and share’

were the only ways to get clients

when in reality, we just end up being DROWNED OUT by all of the noise

Sounds familiar, huh?

How to we beat this?

1- Meditate. No shit. Christmas CAN be stressful, but you can CHOOSE to ‘bulletproof’ and protect
your mind by meditating for 12 minutes every morning .

2– Start building an email list

I’ll NEVER EVER EVER get bored of saying this.


Want to stand out from all the noise?


Take the conversation somewhere where there’s ZERO competition–>


Your competitors are too lazy, too cheap and too stupid to do it


A coach (you) that doesn’t have a coach (me) is a little bit hypocritical, no?

I’ll leave you with that, mon ami

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oh and have a fucking kick ass Christmas

Paul ‘Ho-ho-hose dick’ Mort

PS- I’ll be back, balls deep in your inbox on Boxing day

speak then, you sexy bastard


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