How GREAT Personal trainers go broke

November 16, 2017

Lets face it bubbah, most PT’s are struggling

Scraping by

Long hours, unsociable hours

AVERAGE (and unpredictable) income….

and it’s their own fault

Lemme ‘splaineth:

In our country…

which is FATTER AND SICKER than it’s EVER EVER been

The people who can do THE MOST to help these people..

Make less money than my mate that works in KFC

True story^^

its down to one thing and one thing only

I remember asking this question on flakebook a while back

“What’s the one thing that seperates a VERY profitable fitness business from a one that scrapes by?”

The main answer was RESULTS

It’s NOT that either,  by the way

Most trainers get results

Just take a look at your social media feeds at all the generic before and after photos for evidence..

I mean, even JuicePlus post before and afters

It’s the thing that means POOR trainers make more moolah than GREAT trainers

Do you know the answer, babycakes?

If you know me well enough, its easy


End of story

Our marketing as an industry sucks

Its intimidating

Its scary

Its the reason people choose weight watchers over YOU

It’s why they waste money on sh*t meal replacements instead of signing up for your program

Maybe they’re lazy

Maybe they’re just sh*t scared of our marketing

You nail down your ‘communication’

(thats all marketing really is)..

You get to help more people

And THATS why you do this thing right, brew?

I write about marketing every day

But I know only a handful people that get this stuff..

Do ANYTHING with it

When are you gonna step up, my mate?

I want to inspire you

So you can inspire more people

But somethings gotta change

I HATE seeing great trainers go broke

Am getting fired up just f*cking typing this

YOU can have a HUGE impact on peoples lives

But you gotta stop following the crowd

They’re WRONG


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The numbers prove it

The UK is in an obesity epidemic..

and Great trainers are scraping a living

Listen, I can write about this all day..

But its YOUR responsibility dood

You just need to have the balls to break the rules

Come learn how to make a REAL difference:

Paul ‘I want to help you, f*cker’ Mort

PS- Something has to change, broheim

Will it be YOU?

or will you be one of those dudes that p*ss and moan about the people that ARE making money, instead of doing something about it?

Step up, babycakes…

Hey and if anything I said here makes you feel uncomfortable


I can’t help you make things better, by telling you what you want to hear…

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