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Does Your GP Clean His Toilets?

July 5, 2017

Let me ask you a question, amigo

If you went to visit your GP, and when you got there…

He was on his knees, in the gents, giving the urinals a good clean…

(That’s NOT a ‘euphemism’, by the way)

What would you think?

Would you be impressed, and eager to tell him about the life threatening case of ‘man flu’ that you’re dealing with?


Would you be out of there, as quickly as possible, and looking for new GP?

If you’re anything like me?

It would be the latter

And I think most people are the same

Why is it then, that so many personal trainers are willing to work as glorified cleaners…

When it damages the way that people perceive them?

Obviously, not ALL personal trainers who work in gyms have to clean the toilets

(Although some do!)

But a LOT of them are responsible for keeping the gym clean

It might not seem like a big deal, but…

If people see you working as a cleaner?

It will damage your positioning

And it will weaken their confidence in your abilities as a personal trainer

Luckily for you, mon ami…

Positioning and client confidence are two of the MANY topics that I cover in MMIC:

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3.) Get the recognition and RESPECT that a qualified professional deserves

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Paul ‘Self Respect’ Mort

PS – If you DO work in a gym, but you don’t actually get paid for the hours that you put in?

(Because you get ‘free’ rent?)

That’s cool, bro

But at some point, you’re gonna have to INVEST in your business

(In order to grow your income, and get the respect that you deserve from people)

If you’re NOT willing to do that?

I can’t help you

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