You gotta love the DD'S - The Paul Mort Podcast

You gotta love the DD’S

November 20, 2016

get yo mind out of the gutter, nutter

I’m talking about the Daily Diesel

or the Double D

or the daily dose of Vitamin P

here’s what you missed this week:

DD#17: Pads dont hit back
DD#18: F5- Finance
DD#19: Adventures in Phone Destruction
DD#20: Strong Opinions
DD#21: Fighting cans

I don’t mind saying that ALL of the above will light a fire in you

But don’t take my word for it, hombre

Check em out here:


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Paul ‘DD’ Mort

PS- I’m just about to head to Lanzarote for a week with the family

and I’m NOT one of those dudes that is on his phone/ipad/laptop when with the kids and Mrs M

In fact, I leave ALL of the above at home

will tell you why next week when I’m back

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