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If Gordon Ramsey was a Personal Trainer

August 23, 2016

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Case ya didn’t know, hotlips

Uncle Morty loves a bit of Gordon Ramsey

I love all of his shows.. specially the ones where he goes into failing restaurants
and turns them around

(Even though some of the owners are too stupid see it sometimes and revert back to type)


Something I’ve noticed that he does is VERY relevant to YOU and your fitness biz is this:

—> He ALWAYS… every time, REDUCES the size of the menu

these restaurants have so many options for people to eat its insane

This leads to a lot of prollems

1- Having to have a shit load of ingredients (hence the shittest places have no ‘fresh’ food)

2- The food becomes low quality as the chef has too much to focus on

3- The customer AND the staff become overhwhelmed by choice

See, MORE options you have in your biz for people

The harder it is for YOU

and the harder it is for the CUSTOMER/PROSPECT to actually decide what they want

its confusing as hell…

and the truth?

Most people will just go for the cheapest option

(Bonus tip- the people that pay the least are always the biggest pain in the butt)

but that aint the worst of it…

often PT’s spend so much time explaining each ‘package’ or membership that they
talk themselves OUT of a sale

and end of hearing the classic money sucking phrase: “I’ll think about it”

LOSING themselves a client and whatever cash money they though they had..

The ‘secret’ to closing sales?


and i’ll show you my step-by-step blueprint for closing almost everyone you talk to
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Paul ‘Yes chef!” Mort

PS- I saw that Chef Ramsey was at the UFC this weekend too…

I’ll give you my opinion on that Mcgregor/Diaz fight tomorrow 🙂

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