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How To Go From £12K To £300K

May 18, 2017

One of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal…

Is social proof

(Otherwise known as ‘testimonials’)

As tempting as it might be to sing your own praises, amigo…

You’re ALWAYS better off letting someone else do it for you

Especially if they’re a paying client

So with that in mind?

Behold ye, yet another glowing testimonial…

This time from MMIC member ‘Rob B’:

“Back in 2013 I tried to start a fitness business with my mate Ben.

We didn’t want to work for a boss or be stuck in an office and we thought we’d be rich within a couple of years as we worked harder than anyone else we knew.

We spent two years trying and failing to make ends meat, not even making enough to pay ourselves minimum wage.

I was spending 14-16 hours a day working 6-7 days a week, posting 50 times a day on social media (literally) hoping more money would eventually come.

It didn’t.


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We went to BodyPower in 2015 and Paul happened to be speaking at the Academy and we wondered in not expecting anything.

His presentation hit home like nothing I’d ever experienced before (particularly the bit where he explained most PTs are barely making £15,000 a year – we were making even less than that at this point and pretending it was ok!).

I realised I knew NOTHING about marketing and that it was the key to having a profitable and predictable business (rather than just hustling like crazy).

We signed up to MMIC with Paul and in the past 2 years we’ve gone from making £12,000 a year to over £300,000 a year, and a big part of that is down to learning how to market and how to sell using Paul’s stuff.

It really does change everything!

So if you’re considering signing up to MMIC and you’re hustling like crazy and barely paying the bills, then I’d say do it!

You will need to put in the work, ask the right questions, digest all the content and EXECUTE on what he tells you to do, but if you do then you’re guaranteed to transform your business for the better.”

So there you have it, mon ami…

There’s not much I need to add to that

If you’re as ambitious as Rob and Ben, and you want to see similar results in your business?

Click the link below:

And I’ll show you how to get started

Paul ‘Blushing’ Mort

PS – Notice the line:

“You will need to put in the work, ask the right questions, digest all the content and EXECUTE on what he tells you to do”

If you’re NOT willing to do this?

You’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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