It’s Getting REALLY Hard

October 5, 2017

Steady on there, amigo…

I’m NOT talking about my willy

(Interesting how that was your first thought, though)

I’m talking about writing my book

In case you DIDN’T know…

I’m in the process of writing my first book

Working title:

“F*cking Unstoppable”

However, if I’m being totally honest?

I’ve nearly stopped writing the f*cker several times

You see, amigo…


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Despite all of the MANY business milestones and personal challenges that I’ve taken on this year?

Writing this book is EASILY the hardest thing that I’ve had to do

(So, BIG respect to anyone that has EVER written a book)

The lesson in this, though…

Is that I’ve stuck with it

Sure, I’ve wanted to quit

But quitting WON’T get me to where I want to be

Not in business

Not in life

And not with this book

So my question to YOU, amigo…

Is this:

Where in your business are you avoiding the hard work?

Is it with your marketing?

Is it with learning new skills?

Or is it with creating your own content?

Whatever it is?

Stick with it

Because in twelve months time?

You’ll have something to show for your efforts…

And you’ll be a LOT closer to where you want to be in life

(Just like I will)

Paul ‘No Quit’ Mort

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And content creation?

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