How to get more PT clients (from a 5 year old) - The Paul Mort Podcast

How to get more PT clients (from a 5 year old)

April 26, 2016

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My little boy, Max is a decent little
football player

He’s only 5, but usually trains with kids
that are a year or 2 older

So often, he comes home in tears because “I
want to be the best, daddy!”

Saturday in particular he was DEVASTATED because he didn’t get the medal

Clearly, gets the ‘hissy-fits’ from his dad,

I ain’t one of those mush cookie dads that
tells him he IS the best…

AKA: lying to him, so he stops crying..

But I just keep telling him to practice…



So last week.. I was watching him and was
COMPETING with the bigger, stronger, faster

and this may not seem like much

(unless you’re a dad)

he shouted… with a MASSIVE smile on his
face and with more enthusiasm than a hooker
in a dildo factory…


Man… I was chuffed as fuck

after footie…

he was totally buzzzing

and he said to me

“Daddy, I’m the best now”

Me: “Why do you think that is, son?”

Max: “Because I practice, don’t I”


and ya know, bubbah…

It relates to getting more clients to

Cuz I get A LOT of questions from bewildered
PT’s and Fitness Bizniz owners…

“How Do I get more clients?”

My answer:

ACTUALLY do some marketing and selling






and of course, get some help from someone
that knows what the fuck he’s talking about

(your’s truly, in case you’re unsure)

Or one of those mush cookies, that’ll fill
you full of shit and make you feel good
and ‘motivate’ you with ‘I believe in you’

so you pay them money

Or me, (again) who’ll actually tell you the

Paul “superdad” Mort

PS- This ‘telling the truth’ thing is a
favourite subject of mine right now….

Mainly cuz the industry we’re in is POLLUTED
with liars

Some of which are now being exposed….

I’ll share more tomorrow…

It’s actually hilarious

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