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How to get DUMPED (Dudes and Chicks)

October 24, 2017

Disclaimer: Uncle Morty may be an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to getting clients BUT he is NOT a relationship expert

However, what I’m about to tell you means if you’re ‘in da luv’ right now….

you won’t get dumped like one of this little baggies of dog turd

oh AND you’ll get more clients too— BONUS

So, take a seat, chico


and read on

or forever be damned to spend the rest of you days single, lonely and m*sturbating..

See, relationships and marketing are very similar and can both be very profitable…

^^ That’s not a pun, by the way ^^

But there are two things that will ensure that you come off an unattractive

Whichever, way you look at it

1- Being BORING


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Boring is boring. it’s as simple as that

Whichever way you look at it

Lets be honest, babycakes..

Most PT’s are boring as f*ck

Lycra wearing, lettuce eating, water drinking robots

Don’t be like that

2- Being NEEDY

F*ck me, I once went out with a girl that was needy

Texting me to ask if I got her text

CONSTANTLY wanting my attention

Just NO

Discounts, special offers, fake scarcity (only two spaces left) talking NONE-STOP about how awesome you are

Just looks desperate

Its not attractive in any way, shape or form

±±± The Polar Opposite ±±±

Fun and Confidence

THATS what wins

Fun makes people happy

Confidence is IRRESISTIBLE

I teach them both in MMIC…

It’s probably not for you though, boring-skin

(^^see what I did there^^)

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Paul ‘Walter Mitty’ Mort

PS- Disagree with anything I just said?

That’s cool, bro

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