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April 29, 2016

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Yesterday my kids experienced Star Wars for the first time

Just a couple of months after my ‘first time’

Actually, they only watched half… but we’ll get to the other half today


We all dig that sci-fi shit now

The action is awesome, the fight scenes are cool

we even laughed a few times

The bad guys were right up my street…

and the main female character was pretty hot too

Between me and thee, homeslice…

Know what always makes me ears prick up..

You can probably guess

“The Force”

The idea of the ‘darkside’ fascinates me..

(I’m DEFINITELY on the Dark Side compared the those mush cookies and their unicorn milk)

Particularly when “Ray”, the main female

Display the force…

and they basically have the Stormtroopers doing anything they want them too

you know what I mean?


is pretty damned powerful amigo…

and although we ain’t on some weird planet, surrounded by creatures with heads like gonads

well, here in South Shields we have those

You can develop your own “FORCE” too

and have people eating out of the palm on your hands

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Paul ‘Still waiting to see Yoda’ Mort

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times-a-tickin’ :

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