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FREE Tickets For Mindset X: 2.0

February 24, 2017


I’m sorry, amigo

I think you misheard me

I actually said ‘THREE’ tickets

(It must’ve been my accent)

As in, there are THREE tickets left for Mindset X: 2.0

And today is your LAST chance to buy one

If you’re still undecided?


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Check out what fitness business extraordinaire ‘Ben Read’ had to say about the last ‘Mindset X’ event that I ran, back in 2015:

Wanting something, setting a goal, and desiring something is the EASY part.

Strategising HOW you’re going to do it, is the FUN and EXCITING part.

Actioning the necessary and required steps to make your goals a reality is…

(I think we can all agree.)

The HARD part, and where so many people struggle, and fall short.

Not because they’re lazy, weak or demotivated.

But because of their MINDSET.

Because they LACK the power to push through.

To consistently act, in spite of thoughts and feelings.

To consistently carry out the necessary, and required, actions to make their goals a REALITY.

Fear, anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination and self doubt are real life, silent, dream KILLERS.

They can cripple ANY human.

If this sounds like you?

Know that you’re NOT broken.

You’re human.

And I used to be JUST like you.

I attended the first ‘Mindset X’ and spent some time with Paul in person…

To understand more about HOW to access the power to CONSISTENTLY produce.

To push PAST procrastination, and to overcome self doubt and overwhelm.

To end the ‘start/stop’ cycle.

To start ‘doing’ more, and ‘ACHIEVING’ more.

(Instead of wasting my time, being ‘busy’, and getting nowhere fast.)

Through ‘Mindset X’, I learnt how to develop the mindset needed to ‘collapse’ time, so that I can get BETTER and FASTER results…

And it’s been LIFE CHANGING.

Paul is a walking advertisement for how transforming your mindset can transform your life.

What he’s created as a result of his own personal journey, and YEARS of study in self development, is the REAL deal.

No fluff.

Real life hacks, tools and strategies that can help everyday people and business owners get better and faster results in their lives.

Tools that people can implement instantaneously to transform their mindsets.

Tools and strategies that will enable people to start achieving their goals in REAL life…

Away from the journals and the vision boards that so many other people seem to be obsessed with.

Mindset X v1 was amazing.

And considering Paul’s continued growth over the last twelve months?

I have a feeling that Mindset X: 2.0 is likely to be on another level.

If you apply what Paul teaches at Mindset X: 2.0?

You’ll no doubt have the capacity to change YOUR life as well.

Just like I have.

So there you have it, chachi

If that sounds like the kind of thing that YOU would like to be telling other people in twelve months time?

Reserve your seat now:

And I’ll see you soon

Paul ‘Geordie’ Mort

PS – Just in case it STILL isn’t clear?

Today is the absolute LAST chance that you have to buy a ticket for Mindset X: 2.0

Don’t blame me if you miss out

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