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  • The fastest (and simplest) ways to a more profitbable fitness and/or nutrition business with WAY less "HEADACHES"
  • Which 2 words should NEVER be in the same sentence if you want to be seen as a fitness AUTHORITY (trust me, you do)
  • How to "not give a shit" and why its CRUCIAL to making big progress in your business, bank account and life
  • How to OOZE confidence and become irresistable to potential PT, bootcamp or online clients (who'll spend more money)
  • How to effectively and powerfully follow up an enquiry so that your prospects almost FALL OVER THEMSELVES to sign up to your products and programs
  • Why calling yourself "Exclusive" yet charging low prices is MURDERING your positioning as an EXPERT
  • The SHOCKING TRUTH about how 80% of sales are made (you won't believe this)
  • Simple Psychology "hacks" to tell wether someone is ready to give you money, so you don't have to sell them hard 
  • The EXACT questions to ask on a contact form to have people 'foaming at the mouth' to give you money
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What People are saying about Paul Mort:

"Paul has a no nonsense approach to fitness marketing -  He gives fit pro’s the wakeup call that is so often needed, with his straight talking, ‘just do it’ style…I love it and he’s a weapon that you should have in your arsenal. "
Nick Orton- Managing Director- BODYPOWER 
“How would I describe Paul Mort?  Relentless, knowledgeable, hilarious, unorthodox, frank, courageous, experienced, front-running, authentic and EFFECTIVE!  "
Charlotte Ord -TV Fitness Expert, Reebok Sponsored PT, Charlotte Ord Academy.
"Paul Mort cuts through all the nonsense that is out there and tells you exactly where you need to spend your time to earn more money and more free time.
John Connor - Irish Strength Institute 
"Paul has taught me so many business lessons :

He's taught me how to be more ruthless with my time and only work with people who I wanna work with 

He's also taught me how to truly connect with potential prospects and how to solve their fears & problems 

He's also taught me how to give my email writing 'more art' and specific to getting paid, as opposed to just writing to impress people 

one of the most VALUABLE things he has taught me was how to fill my wallet & not my ego  "

Sam Winkworth


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