Forget About Facebook Ads

May 3, 2017

Personal trainers are addicted to Facebook ads

True story, amigo

And this ISN’T necessarily a bad thing

After all, I think Facebook ads are fantastic…

And I’ve personally used them to bring in a LOT of money

However, most personal trainers DON’T need Facebook ads

Not when they’re running a LOCAL business

Which is why this month’s MMIC newsletter is focusing entirely on ‘offline’ marketing

Or, to use it’s full title…


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* Why this month could potentially be the BEST time of year for your bootcamp, and how to CAPITALISE on this opportunity for maximum PROFITS

* The DANGERS of relying too heavily on Facebook, and how it could have CATASTROPHIC consequences for your ENTIRE business

* An ‘old school’ marketing method that will allow you to to get ENORMOUS financial returns on TINY ‘shoestring’ investments

* A brief HISTORY of ‘guerrilla marketing’ and why it’s ESSENTIAL that you incorporate it into YOUR business, if you want to attract LOCAL clients

* FIFTY (yep, five zero) unique ‘guerrilla marketing’ strategies that you can plug straight into your business TODAY, that will attract new clients and WON’T cost you a single penny

* The ONE thing you need to succeed with ‘guerrilla marketing’, and why you ALREADY have an ENORMOUS advantage over ALL of your so-called ‘competitors’

* A surprise bonus ‘PS’ that, if used correctly, has the POWER to turn you into a local ‘celebrity’, almost OVERNIGHT

* And much, much more…

If this sounds like something you could use right now?

(In addition to/instead of Facebook ads)

Click the link below:

And I’ll show you how to get started

Paul ‘Sorry Zuckerberg’ Mort

PS – Just to be ‘crystal’ clear, amigo…

I’m NOT saying that you have to choose between offline marketing OR online marketing

(I’d recommend having a plan for BOTH)

But if you’re running a LOCAL business, for LOCAL people?

You don’t need Facebook at all

Go here:

And I’ll tell you more

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