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Flakebook “Timehop”

September 24, 2015

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Not sure how I feel about that “Flakebook
timehop” feature

On one hand, I look back on the things I used
to write cringing, and be like ‘Who the hell
is this douche?”

^^ that was only a week ago^^ ha!

But on the other hand, its a cool reminder of
just how far we’ve come…

T’other week there was one that jumped out of
me was a pic of one of my old fitness camp

Yip, you heard that right, muchacho

A “Fitness bizniz” guy that’s actually
trained people

Who’d have thought it huh?

But man…

Around 43 people.. in one group.. at £99 a
month in the pissing rain at 6am too

(The pic is in the PS…)

and I did that 3 x a day…

Man, it brought the memories flooding back

I LOVED that bizniz back then

The best part?

I had NO FUCKING idea what I was doing,
marketing wise (cept I had a squeeze page and
sent ONE email a week… d’oh)

What I do know is this…

The 3 most important things I knew then that
help that ONE venue end up in NINETEEN
different venues:

1– Make your sessions a BLAST- like a total

Lets face it, who wants to train with a bunch
of miserable fuckers.. in silence? Not me

2– Results are CRITICAL. I grew that
business, that fast because I got results..
not only that, but I GUARANTEED them..

at the time, NO-ONE else had the balls to
compete with that

3- PREMIUM Pricing= PREMIER positioning

This is a doozy of a lesson

The very fact I was the most expensive meant
that people KNEW I was the best…

After all, How can you be the best and NOT
the most expensive?

^^ read that again, bruddah

and wuts more… BECAUSE it was

ADHERENCE to the program was waaaaaay higher

wanted a piece of

So listen, if you’re ready to learn the TRUTH
about building a kick ass fitness bizniz that

from someone thats actually DONE IT

Join my inner circle today:


Or don’t… meh

Paul ‘Fuck me, I’m good’ Mort

PS- Oh… here’s that timehop PICTURE:


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