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Find Us On Facebook

January 5, 2018

If there’s one sentence in the English language that says:

“I know f*ck all about marketing and running a business”?

It’s “Find us on Facebook”

I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself, chachi

A local business puts a flyer through your door

Covered in clip art from the pre-Y2K era

Lots of company information

But not much about what they can do for YOU

No website

A barely visible mobile phone number

And there at the bottom, taking pride of place…

A big f*ck-off Facebook logo, with the immortal words:

“Find Us On Facebook”

(But no URL!)

I dunno about you, amigo…

But sh*t like this baffles me

It really does

Because for a small/new business?

Flyers ain’t cheap

And whilst I don’t expect them to know the in’s and out’s of lead generation and sales funnels?

It would still be nice to see some f*cking common sense

Unfortunately, too many small businesses RELY on Facebook when it comes to getting customers

And that applies to personal trainers as well

The reason?


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Facebook is FREE

(Except for your time)

And I totally ‘get’ the appeal

But here’s the thing…

For every 100 likes your Facebook business page has?

Less than 5 people will see your posts organically

And that my friend, is because Facebook wants you to ‘pay to play’

(They want you to spend money ‘boosting’ your posts so that your ‘fans’ can see them)

Which is why spending money on getting ‘likes’ is RETARDED

Unless of course, you’ve got an actual strategy in place

But even then?

It’s NOT the best strategy

The SMARTEST thing to do, would be to send people to your website

Give them something of value in exchange for their email address

And then send them daily emails where you provide even MORE value

(Just like I’m doing now)

Not only is this great for building trust with complete strangers…

It’s also great for turning those same strangers into paying CLIENTS

Because if they’re reading your emails?

They’re interested in signing up with you

Maybe not today

Maybe not tomorrow

But someday in the future?

It’s VERY likely

And who knows, maybe one day you’ll sign up with me


Paul ‘Presumptuous’ Mort

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