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That fat bloke from the office

December 20, 2017

Remember the TV show ‘The Office’?

Kinda classic now..

Well, when I first saw it.. I didn’t really ‘get it’

I was like

“Who is this fat bloke? he’s annoying’

But it grew on me, Ricky Gervais (that bloke) is a HUGE star now

Hilarious and a total genius

not to mention making SERIOUS bacon…

Funny b*stard

Hey and wether you realise or not, he’s a BRILLAINT marketer

In fact, my droogie Ben Simpkins sent me an email that I just HAD to share with ya

was a Flakebook post Gervais made

“Don’t offended people realise they’re doing my marketing for me?”

Read that again, hotlips ^^^^

and I gotta say… he’s right..

I get A LOT of criticism for the way I market

the way I talk, the way I write…

Those sensitive snowflakes who call me ‘un-professional’

They make me laugh now, I kinda feel sorry for them

Maybe you get it too

(i hope so, its a sign you’re doing it right)

But yer, those who CHOOSE to be offended and then talk sh*t about me


NOT the other way around

They’re reading and watching MY content

NOT the other way around

and in most cases- THEY’RE PROMOTING ME


(and my tip for YOU today)

They give me BRILLIANT EMAIL content

See, for everyone thats offended by what you say

Another person f*cking LOVES what you have to say


So here’s me attempt at offending you–>

If you don’t think less than £7 a day…

is a good deal, in exchange for my expertise and guidance

as well as support and help from Fitness Entrepreneurs just like you

Then, mon ami..

You may as well f*ck off



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