Fancy A Bum?

March 9, 2017

If you’re targeting men with your marketing efforts?

There’s a strong chance that your marketing message is a LOT like today’s subject line

It’s unfortunate…

But MOST personal trainers are asking their prospects to f*ck on the first date

No chat up lines

No foreplay

No lube


They’re going straight in for the kill

And they’re going in dry



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I only want to work with a particular type of person…

As you can see from the stuff that I put out on my Flakebook page:

This means that I take my time before I ask for someone’s money

If they’re NOT a good fit for me, or what I’m offering?

I don’t want their money

It’s as simple as that

It might seem ‘counter-intuitive’…

But working with people that you can’t stand is INCREDIBLY draining, mon ami

And if the clients that you’re attracting AREN’T the type of people that you want to spend your time with?

It’s time to ‘rubber up’ and get some protection for yourself

The easiest way to do this?

Stop bending over and showing everyone your ar*e

Make it difficult for people to become clients

Give them a few ‘hoops’ to jump through

And don’t take money from EVERYONE that offers it to you

If you can do that, chachi?

Your business will thank you for it

And so will your ar*ehole

Paul ‘Stay Safe’ Mort

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Not a problem, mon ami

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I have NO desire to work with ‘snowflakes’

So I guess this is ‘goodbye’

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