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Failure = Opportunity

January 20, 2018

The fitness industry is failing, mon ami

True story

The motivational quotes are failing

The positive/empowering images are failing

And the grinning/gurning toilet selfies are failing

How do I know this?

Look around you, amigo

The population has NEVER been in worse shape than it is now

‘Fat’ is the new ‘normal’

The good news?


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This create ENORMOUS opportunities for those who want to do something about it

You see, whilst MOST of your industry peers are too ‘self-involved’ to see the bigger picture…

(Just look on Instagram if you don’t believe me)

You’re looking for ways to improve yourself, and grow your business

Which immediately puts you at a HUGE advantage to most other personal trainers

The more you continue along this path?

The more you can turn the failures of the fitness industry into opportunities for YOURSELF

And speaking of opportunities…

If you join my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ today?

I’ll give you a battle-tested business model that has the potential to help LOTS of people…

Whilst giving you more income than you EVER thought possible

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And I’ll tell you more

Paul ‘Think Different’ Mort

PS – If you’d rather hang out in gym toilets, taking selfies…

Whilst having a big, sh*t-eating grin plastered all over your face?

That’s cool, bro

But that’s NOT the type of ‘marketing’ that I teach in MMIC:

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